Harvard Christians on Campus was founded in 2004. We are believers in Christ from diverse backgrounds who love the Lord Jesus and hold the Christian faith which is common to all believers.


We hope that all Harvard students could find Christ and grow in their faith. We have weekly small and large group Bible studies, weekly dinners, monthly intercollegiate meetings with other Christians and other events throughout the semester.  

Contact us if you would like to know more! 

dinner & fellowship in homes . weekly Bible studies . monthly intercollegiate meetings . one-on-one appointments
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There are at least four ways to get involved with Harvard Christians on Campus.

We might know the truth—but can we speak it? Like, really speak it, with conviction (2 Timothy 3:16), cutting straight the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15), even to touch the hearts of man?

We believers aspire to this. And we're practicing one way to do it in our weekly structured Bible study. Come "buy truth" (Proverbs 23:23) with us.

This semester, we're in Boylston 103, 8–9pm every Monday. Get on our email list to stay informed.

Ever notice that in Acts, the early days of the church, it says they ate together, "house to house" with simplicity of heart and exultation of joy?

That sounds a lot like our weekdays (and weekends). We love the Sunday church meetings, but we also somehow really like being in warm homes with warm kitchens. Turns out it's scriptural.

This semester, we have homes ready and open (but NOT limited to):

  • Wednesday (right off Mt. Auburn St.)

  • Thursday (with Tufts & Harvard students)

  • Friday (for Harvard students and community)

Sound appetizing? Find out how to get fed.


This one's pretty simple:

You've got a busy schedule, but you have some desire to get into the Word.


Us, too. We really like the Bible and like to make ourselves available, whether you're up for something one-on-one or with a group.

Email us. Let's meet up.

We love the fellowship with those from other campuses, also. Our monthly IPMMs are a marvelous way to enjoy the Lord with hundreds of other students.

More info on upcoming IPMMs here.